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Find your
financial freedom

Find your
financial freedom

Freedom to enjoy your future

It’s too precious to leave to chance

Financial freedom is personal. It means something different to everyone.


For some, financial freedom will remain a dream. Without putting a plan in place, all those future hopes and aspirations – such as travelling the world, enjoying your hobbies, or moving to the sun – could remain out of reach.

At Callisto Wealth Management, we believe financial freedom is too precious to leave to chance. We know that with the right plan and the right strategy, you can achieve it. Our approach is tried, trusted and proven – and we think it’s about time your wealth was working harder for you.

Wealth without the worry

We help put your plan in place

Everyone lives life their own way, but it’s often the case that financial affairs can get a little out of hand. A pension here, some investments there – ad hoc financial arrangements aren’t the best way to prepare for what’s ahead.


Only by thinking about your goals – then putting a plan in place to achieve them – can you take away the worry and enjoy your wealth. At Callisto, we have many years’ experience helping people like you to do exactly that.

Our process is designed around you

A proven, tried and trusted approach

When we meet a new client, the first thing we do is have a conversation. They tell us about their life goals and, very importantly, we listen. By understanding them as individuals, we can get a grasp of where their finances are now – and where they need to be.


Key to our approach is our six-step processThis involves establishing your vision and goals, analysing your existing arrangements, and putting a sensible long-term plan in place. Our financial planning methods are backed by a systematic investment approach that doesn’t involve speculation or trying to second-guess the markets. We follow fundamental investment principles that are proven to work, time after time.

Don't just take our word for it

Our clients say the nicest things

Helping people find financial freedom is our passion. It’s something we could happily talk about all day. However, it’s what our clients think about us that really counts, and we’re very proud of the feedback they give us.

Everyone’s journey is different, but we hope that all our clients experience a similar sense of peace of mind when we put our approach into practice. Certainly, their generous words indicate that we’re doing something right.