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Written on: 16th January 2018
15 Ways To Build A Secure Financial Future
At this time of year it is customary to write on topics involving planning and looking to the future. Whilst advisers tend to like writing on investments, I think there's probably not enough advisers writing or providing education on the...
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Written on: 1st November 2017
The Secret of Financial Peace Of Mind
Planning the rest of your life can be a daunting task for many people. This is also true for finding the right financial adviser to take care of your investments. Every financial adviser will attempt their best sales pitch to...
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Written on: 13th September 2017
Stop Monkeying Around!
In the world of investment management there is an idea that blind-folded monkeys throwing darts at pages of stock listings can select portfolios that will do just as well, if not better, than both the market and the average portfolio...
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Written on: 14th August 2017
All That Glistens…
Gold has always held a certain appeal for humans. Its lustre, due to a lack of oxidation, makes it pleasing to look at and to handle.  Yet, it is simply a lump of metal that generates no income and will...
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Written on: 9th June 2017
Hung Parliament
So,it is a hung Parliament As dawn breaks, the morning light reveals yet another political gamble that has not paid off for the dice roller.  The UK has a hung Parliament, with no party holding an absolute majority.  Such is...
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Written on: 31st May 2017
How Deep Is Your Risk?
All investors know that they need to take risks in order to achieve returns higher than cash.   If you asked ten investors if equities were more risky than cash, most would agree; but that depends on how one understands risk. ...
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Written on: 1st May 2017
UK General Elections and the Stock Market
Next month’s snap election is the first national vote in the UK since the EU referendum. While the election’s outcome and overall impact are unknown, there is no shortage of speculation about how the election will impact the stock market....
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Written on: 31st March 2017
These Foolish Things
As investors, we have to contend not only with the erratic and unpredictable nature of markets but also the erratic and irrational way in which we think and behave.  A lack of knowledge, combined with a number of illusions and...
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Written on: 25th January 2017
The difference a year can make
By common consent, 2016 felt like one of the most turbulent years that anyone can remember. There were political earthquakes of course. The Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump both took the world by surprise. But what seemed...
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Written on: 11th January 2017
The answer is rarely blowing in the wind
The answer is rarely blowing in the wind. Pity poor Michael Fish. Those of a certain age will remember that he was once one of Britain’s most respected weather forecasters, his specs and moustache forming an essential part of the...
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