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Your Guide To Success

A few things you should think about

Our strategy is based on a simple premise: the best way to achieve long-term investment growth is to establish a sound financial plan underpinned by some fundamental principles, and to stick with it.

This is how we help you achieve financial freedom.

However, there are all kinds of understandable impulses that can tempt you off course. Being aware of them helps you – and us – to guard against them.


We will help get your financial house in order, but then it’s up to all of us to keep it that way. Trust us, this takes discipline!


Chopping and changing your investment strategy in response to the latest economic news spells trouble for your returns. Trying to second-guess the market is very rarely a route to success.


Confidence in a proven strategy is one thing. Overconfidence in an ability to choose the best investments is another. Remember that those who switch their investment strategy may be more likely to receive lower returns over time.


Losing money hurts. However, successful investment means understanding that sometimes, you will have ‘paper losses’ in the short term, but by sticking with your plan, you stand to reap the rewards.


‘Anchoring’ means focusing on a particular price and giving it greater significance than it should have. People often anchor on the price they paid for an investment and base future decisions on that price. However, this can prove costly. All that matters is what it is worth today.

Following the herd

Everyone may be doing it, but that is no reason to follow. Keep this principle in mind and you will avoid being unduly hurt by the natural human tendency to think that if lots of people are doing something, you need to do the same.