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Our Process

Six steps to financial freedom

Our six-step process helps you focus on the things that are important, understand how you can achieve your future goals, and allows us to implement a plan to make them happen.

One: Engagement meeting

Everything begins with a conversation. At this stage, we don’t need to know about your current financial arrangements. We simply get to know you, and you get to know us.

Two: Discovery meeting

Now it’s time for us to find out about your current financial arrangements. We also discuss your goals and vision for the future along with your attitude to risk. After this meeting, we send you a strategy report outlining the key goals together with an overview of our fees.





Three: Analysis and planning meeting

Using the information you give us, we analyse your situation and future requirements, and calculate a lifetime cashflow to ensure you don’t outlive your money. We create an implementation report, explain it clearly, and if you’re happy, things can proceed.

Four: Implementation meeting

This meeting is for dealing with paperwork so that new accounts can be opened and your plan can be put to work. We show how your money will be invested, and we can also present a range of ‘what if?’ scenarios so you can be confident that you won’t run out of money.

Five: 35 day follow-up call

You need to be comfortable with the decisions that have been made, so after 35 days, we call to discuss any concerns or issues you may have.

Six: Forward planning

It is important that we keep you informed, and that you can talk to us about how things are going. Regular review meetings make sure that happens – though of course you can speak to us whenever you wish.

The Callisto Way

1. Engagement

How our services may work for you

Getting to know you

Discover what brought you to this point

2. Discovery

Goals and visions

Client Agreements

Risk Profiling

Strategy Report

3. Analysis

Lifetime cash flow

Implementation Report

4. Implementation

Account opening paperwork

Investment Policy Statement

Lifetime cash flow 'what if' scenarios

5. 35 Day Follow Up

Follow up meeting to check progress

6. Forward Planning

Sustainable planning