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Our Philosophy

Towards a better investment experience

Let markets work for you

Markets work. Millions of participants buy and sell securities each day, and the real-time information they bring helps set prices.

Investment is not speculation

The market’s pricing power works against fund managers who try to outsmart it. Few managers who do perform well repeat their performance in subsequent time periods.

Take a long-term approach

The financial markets have rewarded long-term investors. Historically, the equity and bond markets have provided wealth growth that has more than offset inflation.

Consider the drivers of returns

Academic research has identified equity and fixed income dimensions that point to differences in expected returns. They are pervasive across different markets and persistent across different time periods, and can be pursued in cost-effective portfolios.

Practise smart diversification

Diversification helps reduce your risk, but simply diversifying within the UK is not enough. Smart diversification means investing globally.


Avoid market timing

You never know which markets will outperform from year to year, so by holding a globally diversified portfolio, you are well positioned to capture returns wherever they occur.

Manage your emotions

Markets go up and down. Reacting to current market conditions may lead to making poor investment decisions at the worst times.

Look beyond the headlines

Daily market news can challenge your investment discipline. Some messages stir anxiety about the future while others tempt you with the promise of easy profits.

Keep costs low

Over long time periods, high costs can be a drag on wealth accumulation. Strive to incur only those costs that are unavoidable and those that add value to your investments.

Focus on what you can control

We can create a plan tailored to your personal financial needs while helping you focus on actions that add value. This can lead to a better investment experience.